Studied with 2 teachers:

山下亨 Yamashita Toru

小船幸次郎 [作曲家・指揮者]
Kobune Kojiro [composer and conductor]

創立者・指揮者・作曲家 小船幸次郎

At the age of 14, Yamashita performed C=Tedesco’s Concerto for guitar and orchestra Op.99 with Yokohama Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kobune Kojiro. 
Kazuhito Yamashita recorded pieces by Kobune Kojiro
 The Dawning of Guitar Music in Japan 1923-1948 [CRCC-31]
 The Dawning of Guitar Music in Japan Vol.2 [CRCC-34]
performed Kobune’s pieces in US, South America and Japan

Kazuhito Yamashita, over many decades, has pursued his own studies in music and the guitar.

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